Get Top 10 Joomla SEO Tips for Google

Today Search Engine Optimization is not as easy as it was five years before. This field is becoming more expensive and complicated, but you can do number of things to improve your search engine ranking, and you do not need to spend a dime in this process. I am discussing here 10 easy SEO tips for Joomla sites.

Clean URL (Joomla SEF)

Putting keywords in URL is a nice technique to increase website traffic, but do not stuff URL with it, otherwise it will make a negative impression at search engines. You can get help by Joomla SEF.

Keyword in Title Tag

The title tag is the first factor in ranking a page in search engine. These are the words you see on the top of the browser, when you open a website. Joomla considers the title of the article in title tag.

Inbound Link Anchor Text

When you surf the net, you observe many links in the web page, these blue links refer other web pages in the same website or other web pages for different web sites. If your article gets some inbound links using the keywords, which you want to rank in search engines, it does great help in boosting the rank of web page. You can do it by submitting articles into article directory sites, and can get some back links for your website.

Page Rank of Site

The number of pages linking to your page is called link popularity. We say it PageRank in Google’s term. The more sites are linking to you. You will get so much high page rank. By using Joomla CMS, you can add your content quickly. Try to create one quality content per day. For a site to do well, you need 300 odd pages of content. If your website is content rich, it has great chance to perform well in search engine optimization

Link Popularity within the Site

You can link web pages from the same domain. This is called internal linking. However, it is important that you should link with right anchor text, otherwise it will decrease your overall relevancy of your site in the view of Google, and your site will get out from top Google search.

Age of Site

How old is your domain? When did you register it? You cannot do anything with your domain age, but it plays a big role in internet marketing. Many internet marketing companies try to get old domain, because old domains are most trusted by Google.

Maintain Relevancy of Inbound Links and Popularity of Linking Site

The quality of the inbound links is important factor in SEO. This means that you should focus to get links from the sites, which belongs to the same theme as your website. Try to search keywords related to your site theme, it will give you many different sites related to your theme. Do contact with them, and ask for links to your site.

Use Keywords in Body Text

The keyword density is an important factor in search engine optimization. Try to put keywords in your first and last paragraph. There are many online tools, which can help you to check your keyword density. Keywords in the H1-H6 heading of the page are more important than paragraph.

File Size

It has been seen that smaller sites get slightly higher ranking in Google. Try to put small size images on your webpage. A 500 – 1000 words article is good for your site. Lengthy articles do not get high ranking in Google easily, and it is also not good for reader perspective.

Correct 404 errors

Companies do not take serious the problem of 404 errors. You should track your website on the regular basis to uncover 404 errors. Many error pages are not good for SEO strategy. Google may penalize your site for it.